This thing is probably the best fucking blog most of you will ever look at. The kind of blog that dreams are made of, the kind of deal that pretty gals all over town will be talking about down at the salons and Lloyd centers. Sorry if I come off a little overconfident and a lil over-zealous about the content that is to come,  it’s just that the internet  is long overdue for something like this….

So first off let’s get a couple things straight. Kyley, Richie and myself (Brandon) are three young hotshots in the prime of our lives purposely flying below the radar for now as to not draw to much attention to ourselves. This place is a pretty good place to start if you just wanna get your fucking feet wet in finding out what’s cool for a modern gentleman.

So I know what you’re thinking about now. So many questions will be answered in weeks to come about what regal gentleman expect in this modern world… surprisingly we have all the right answers to these and many more questions:

What kinds of songs should I be listening to and when is it appropriate to listen to raps?

When should I tuck in my shirts and when should I flip off strangers?

Is rated R always the best choice in a movie?

How many hot girls are there in any given area? Is time of day an important factor?

Why is one man’s seven another man’s ten? And why you should ALWAYS take a run at sevens and above according to Chris Hunter.

Is it cool to get in a fight? If not when is the appropriate time to punch a man in the face?

“Brandon you always are eating the awesomest snacks and seafood combos!” What’s your secret?

What are the twenty raddest things you can do with $20?


10 Responses to “About”

  1. Guy?

  2. first and foremost, is this online stalkery? some might consider it to be. those people are assholes.

    second, i take issue with your home haircut position. in fact, some home haircuts have garnered serious compliments from all kinds of jealous trash. not everyone fucks up a cut like you. and don’t blame your fakey leg.

  3. Yes it looks as if you are online doing some stalking shannon. You truly are a mean spirited person- this is a positive website aimed at modern gentlemen, not angry ladies.

  4. if you don’t want me to look at your stuff then stop trying to friend me out online every couple of weeks.

  5. Are you guys still dating? Awesome!

  6. Just fuck already jesus. Right Garvs?

  7. You should be writing for us.

  8. Flying below the radar, or setting exceptionally low standards for yourselves?

  9. yo, did you guys write this?

  10. Cool Blog.

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