Everybody needs a hobby.  Last week was the official opening day of my 2nd string hobby of golf.  Strokes, birdies, balls, beers…it’s all there.  As I’ve aged into my more affluent early 30s, power carts are also thrown into the mix.  What better way to enjoy the sun than driving around the links.  Walk?  No.  If one wants real exercise, go running or something truly strenuous.  There are courses for every budget too.  When Kyley and I are just looking to hit a quick niner without the worries of having to wear a shirt or getting booted for our cut-off jeans, it’s all about the super twilight rate at Rosecity GC.  If I’m looking to step up to a nicer place, East Moreland or maybe Heron Lakes.  Both of those will eat a man’s balls!

We all enjoy the endless quantity of golf products…like the titty-tee!

Just point 'em where you want your ball to go!

And don’t forget to get some cool pants first.  Just bought these today!

Golf style = DORK STYLE!!! I'm sold!


~ by richie on June 8, 2010.


  1. we should hit it up this Thursday evening

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