Coming from the heavy foods of Germany and the excessive wine time in Paris, Morocco was supposed to be a cleanse of sorts.  On the outer edges of the country, I figured the booze front would be as dry as the local topography.  I was wrong…there was beer in the fridge where I stayed and the surrounding hills were actually quite green from a wetter than normal winter.  Oh well.

A couple notes:

– Food is good.  I wanted camel but couldn’t find any.  No shortage of lamb though.

– Berkas not so common, but saw a few.

– Straight razor shaves are the shit.  Got one for $2 in the souk.

– It’s hot.  What??? No shit.

– My surf guide was high on hash the whole time.

– I would go back in a heartbeat.

Calls to prayer by the muezzin aren't always on pitch.

Main Street USA

It's cool, he's from Europe.

Go surfing, bro...

...cuz it's hot as balls!


~ by richie on May 24, 2010.

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