Regardless of how “alt” you claim to be, everybody knows that fast cars can be a fun time.   The Germans know a little thing or two about fast cars. 

Hello Porsche museum in Stuttgart, Germany.

Contemporary and timeless...are you?

Every woman would enjoy your 'vert speedster.

I knew a guy in high school named Mike Bowen.  When he turned 18, he got a tattoo on his arm of a skull with dreadlocks.  Mike also had dreads.  Below the skull it said “Dreadlock Messiah” too.  Our history teacher, Mr. Saad, laughed at him and called him an idiot.  He was right to do it.  To Mike’s credit though, he was ahead of his time in one aspect.  He owned a Porsche 914 like, but not as nice as, the one pictured below.  Until some classmate poured sugar in his gas tank which fried the engine.


(insert knightrider voice)... "Hello, Michael"

Alas, I’ve always been a VW man.  Maybe once I hit that next tax bracket, I’ll change my tune.

Yeah, look at this tough guy!


~ by richie on April 26, 2010.

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