Adventures come.  Adventures go.  Sometimes you see gorillas that are once in a lifetime specimens.  Can you get the shot?  Will you be remembered as the urban zoologist that you aspire to be?  As I boarded my flight to Frankfurt, Germany on the 16th of April, I knew beers, nerdy engineers, pork, and menthol cigarettes would be in my future.  Little did I know, a quest to capture the elusive silverback with a blond-tipped mullet would also transpire.  My associate and I, armed with both a SLR and a Flip video, took to the task and captured what could be some of the only printed images of the ever confident Bavarian silverback.

After multiple sightings, we finally got our first evidence on film.  Obviously, I thought we’d blown another opportunity, but one can clearly make out the mullet escaping into the mist.  The young lady pictured asks, “vas is das??”  Click on the image for full scale view.

My disdain would later turn to joy

Later, a chance for a shot at a more direct image wasn’t wasted.  In his element, he’s obviously the alpha male of this office.

His confindence with the female is clear. He's the ruler of the pack.


~ by richie on April 21, 2010.


  1. Hahahaha. I just searched “blonde tips” and came across this blog.

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