Sorry Richie (and shots of what I was doing instead of blogging)

First off, I like to apologize to my blog colleague, Richie, for not taking care of The Beag while he was abroad for a few weeks. I did promise that I would keep my ear to the streets and report on the hottest news and new trends for2010, however I didn’t. Instead, I decided to finish something that I set off to do a few months prior, which at this point, I can’t remember why the fuck I decided to do such a thing at the time I did.

It all started with my three year ritual of reading J.D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye. Every three years since high school I read this book, and every time the book is a little bit different for me, however this year was even more so due to the fact that Mr. J.D. Salinger died while I was on page 176. Prior to Salinger’s death I had already discovered a few short stories involving the Glass Family, yet I was unaware of his assortment of short stories and novellas that so perfectly and eloquently unraveled the Glass Family World. The New York Times is to blame for this epiphany and new found obsession.

Utilize your new iPad and read this shit

If you have never heard of the Glass Family of New York’s Upper East Side you should read J.D Salinger’s collection in its entirety. I heard The Royal Tenenbaums was loosely based on the Glass Family. To sum up, what I so long-windingly aimed at saying, I dived into the fucking Glass Family world, read the entire lot  and concluded that it was pure genius, before I resurfaced to the real world.

Nevertheless, I didn’t last long because I decided to dive into Hemingway’s Africa, which I am still rolling through. Keep in mind this does inspire one to play a few rounds of Buck Hunter with a nice Daiquiri in hand.

Don't bring your wife on an African Safari because if you do she will fuck your guide and shoot you in the back of the head

So instead of writing, I was reading and researching some of the great texts of 20th century literature in search of old trends that will be the new trends of the now. I predict fashions of the 20’s and 40’s will be the next wave of fashions of today.  And it will all start with haircuts and hats…

this hat is about to take over the world...again.

I hope you forgive me Richie.



~ by kybrandrew on April 6, 2010.

2 Responses to “Sorry Richie (and shots of what I was doing instead of blogging)”

  1. Good job, Kyley. You are a team player and a book worm. Apparently.

  2. Fuck yeah I’m a team player!

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