Beagle correspondent Richie will be hitting the air for a research mission abroad in the couple weeks.  Locations will include the land of beer and pretzels, the city of fashion and croissants, and….the desert.

Translation: Where is my pretzel!?!

Once I’m full and fatter, the business jet stream takes me west…

Où est le magasin APC?

With fresh fashions packed and wine-stained teeth, it’s into the land of mint tea and camels…  It will be like when Clark gets lost in the desert in Vacation except with medinas, rugs, and Islam.

Exotic locales....epic conditions....camels.

I’ll be packing my bags properly and bringing some nice music, sun lotions, and sun shades.  Expect a full report upon my return.


~ by richie on February 25, 2010.

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