Jack says, "I'll have another double... woman!!"

Where can a classy guy find such a classy bar like this now-a-days? Will it be at the Ringside bar or maybe…elsewhere?

With all this 80s fashion redux, are collared shirts under sweatshirts going to be the real deal?

When is it time to say, “Guy, you’re a man now…time to drink like one at drinking-styled establishments?”

Just a couple questions for your Tuesday.

PS: Style Tip 1 goes with Style Tip 2

I saw this band a while back.  I wasn’t too impressed, but what do I know?  Is spring the next season?


~ by richie on February 16, 2010.

One Response to “THE OG BEAGLE”

  1. Yep. You definitely were sleeping on the Girls… You can almost smell the piss at the 16th and Mission Bart stop in that video. Good stuff. And my son rocks the Fajllraven backpack. But he tends to be more “forward” than most.

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