New year…new decade…new you?  Maybe it’s time for a refresher?  I don’t know about you, but Beagleberg 2010 is on board with the changing times.  Drugs will go digital, of course, but what will they look like?  Beer and booze will become hydrating beverages with names like “Striker Brews” and “Dr. Buzzrunner”.  Heartfelt glances toward that new guy or gal will soon be surpassed by iphones disguised as analog tape decks that text virtual hugs based on your crotch temperature.  Whaaaa!!??!!  Fuckin’-a right.  We’re on the pulse, don’t doubt it.  Wait, did Google just put Apple out of business?

Will you buy a new car in the future?  They’ll all come “fully loaded”…


Don’t change too much though.  Some styles stand the test of time.  Magic wallet anyone??  Cuz, ya’ know, it’s really important people don’t forget how cool you used to be…just in case you turn into a real lame tween.

Remember me? I love you!


~ by richie on January 6, 2010.


  1. You know why the Magic Wallet is and always will be? Cause it’s indestructible. Some genius noticed his sagging billfold was falling apart at the hinge (again!), and instead of reinforcing the hinge, he decided to get rid of the hinge altogether. As in all things timeless, form follows function.

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