Shit, bros, Portland is well into its first “Arctic Blast” of the season!  Just like last year, the mainstream media is striking fear into the masses.  Well, Beagle News HQ has taken the standard “stay home, stay warm” paradigm and turned it on its ear.  Here are some anti-freeze tips and hits to make you think that wearing shorts today doesn’t sound so bad.

Surfer Blood is the music for your day.  New guy bands don’t have good vids, but in the end, it’s about rocking out in your hipster Mercedes diesel wagon while cruising for hot winter treats wrapped in cashmere scarves (you’ll be in flip flops though).  Did I mention Surfer Blood’s rad banner on their blog?

Yes, centaurs on stage!

12/11 EDIT:::  SURFER BLOOD live on KEXP

Brooks Bros Flamingo Pants is the hot style for your day.   Who says winter means dark colors and wool caps???  Buck the trend, dick!

Hey, my cabana or yours!!?

And of course, this goes without saying…

Welcome to the tropics, ladies!


~ by richie on December 9, 2009.

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