Fall Season Art Spotlight “Indie Rock Kid Art”

Indie Rock Kid Art

Holiday season is approaching fast. Fuck going to the mall and hanging out with all the douche bags and the sheep of the world. Save gas, stay home, go green and fry balls–buy gifts online. Its almost 2k10 the year we make contact, don’t blow your chance.  We all know most people are on a tight budget this year due to Global Warming so go cheap and unique, fuck expensive and boring gifts. Say “fuck off” to diamonds and go “Indie Rock Kid Art” for your special dars or if you are a lady buying for a man say “fuck off” to Craftsman Tool Sets and 62″ Plasma TVs go with “Indie Rock Kid Art”. Its a gift that keeps on giving and there is only one painting like it in the world.  Just like that one special someone is the only one you will cherish forever. Right guy?

To check out Latebloomers Art full line of paintings click on squid.


~ by kybrandrew on November 19, 2009.

2 Responses to “Fall Season Art Spotlight “Indie Rock Kid Art””

  1. How is this bullshit a spotlight when you’ve posted it twice already, you shameless self-promoting goon??

  2. Its a new edition for a new season. take it easy guy.

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