yeah right! whoever invented that piece-of-shit phrase hasn’t experienced MFP on a friday morn…..

a gentlemen's social club

a gentlemen's social club

friday morn is the new friday night and i might get even laid by the time 700 club is over.

long story short- my porsche broke down in grand ave in the a.m. and some friendly hispanics helped me push it to safety.

thanks bros.

 so i’m sipping coffee and making a name for myself down here and learning alot about the am ‘party’ scene….

people in the community tend to like vodka juice drink and laying it on the line with lucurative business opportunities.

“love knows no bounds” and you can do what you like at MFP.

people do what they want when they want round here…. a lil phill collins jam, some regis and kelly and getting a healthy buzz on while playing buck hunter and guitar hero.

this is what i heard…..

“i just won $49 off my 6th twenty!”




~ by kybrandrew on October 23, 2009.

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