you guys hear about this shit?!

so i’m listening to the radio in my porsche this morning and i hear the whole nation in a panic over some chinese kid sailing away in a helium balloon over the colorado rockies. WTfuck? all these experts are trying to figure out where this lil guy is gonna land and all agreed it would be tragic as fuck.

man, i was thinking about this guy and the day started to get away from me…. it’s after 4 o’clock already and i’ve been daydreaming about possible scenarios and wondered how this kind of shit could happen?

when i was younger ( in my mid-20s i tried a few helium stunts with some random items and my friend dave jaber even tried sending a real gerbil into the night sky!

long story short- we both realized it takes a fuckload of balloons to lift even a tiny gerbil or a hickory farms basket.

so i started thinking….what’s a little chinese kid weigh? 40-50 pounds?  it would take a balloon the size of …. well something hot air balloon size.


turns out these motherfuckers jumped to conclusions and the  kid was just chilling in the attic minding his own business.

It was just a balloon flying in the sky that ruined everyone’s day……. i think it was maybe a just a garfield balloon or something from a secretary party.

"oh my god! the kids are gonna fly away!" calm down asshole

"oh my god! the kids are gonna fly away!" calm down asshole

I think maybe now it was a publicity stunt having to do with tomorrow’s release of


think about it-  a 6 year-old kid gets in a fight with his parents and fake runs away. maybe lays low in the attic for a bit… no big deal.

just like ‘max’ and the ‘wild things’, overactive imaginations running wild…..

matt damon told me this movie is actually pretty rad

matt damon told me this movie is actually pretty rad


~ by kybrandrew on October 15, 2009.


  1. Actually I think the kid was trying to recreate scenes from “Flight of the Navigator”. The balloon looks just like the spaceship from the Disney classic.

  2. The French Prince is already rapping about it!

    Now, this is a story all about how
    My life got flown all around
    And I liked to take a minute
    Just sit right there
    I’ll tell you how I flew in a ballon filled with hot air.

    In… west Colorado born and raised
    in the backyard is where I spent most of my days
    soarin and swoopin all cool
    and flyin a balloon instead of bein in school
    when a couple of tethers
    where up to no good
    made me fly up out my neighborhood
    Went on one little flight and my dad got scared
    said “My sons in that basket up in the air”

    So.. whistled for a chopper and when it came near
    The side said ‘Channel 9′ and it had guys in there
    If anything i could say that this situation was rare,
    but i thought ‘ ah forget it, jump out, no care.’

    I landed on the ground from about over 9000 or 8
    and yelled to the news crew “yo homes, find me later”
    I was finally there,
    to sit in my basket and the king of hot air.

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