My name is Brando and I don’t own a dog. I have had a number of dogs throughout my lifetime and most have captured my heart. I also have a few close friends that are/arf dogs.

Dogs are small furry buddies that totally got your back- they know what’s up and they have hearts of gold most of the time.

I was about to list the the series of dog breeds/stylez that I’ve had but I think I’ll take a different route…. FUTURE DOGS.

What is a future dog you ask? Well, I’m talking about a new series of dogs that , you, your close bros and family may enjoy for the  new decade(‘0 ten is around the corn,  man)

My 3 best dog friends are Paco, Cody and Maybel. They all arf quite different but all pretty dope.  See you don’t have to actually own a dog of your own to take part in dog phantasies/fun runs…. it’s true!

On that note, I have some important news! Kyley Quinn (of the reag beag squad) is expecting one of his own!

But what’s he gonna choose???

For the past couple years Ky-Guy has had his heart set on an Itallian Greyhound. Something about those motherfuckers got Ky all topsy-turvy on that breed. I think their sleek lines and noble demenor got him all jazzed up, and felt that a slim renegade would make the night right. WRONG!


"nice ears"  says the fucking idiot

"nice ears" says the fucking idiot


……Man, he got a new scene! What’s the best of both worlds? He asked himself that time and time again!!! WTfuck iss he going to do?

Just like an El Camino is the best of both worlds with the truck/car infusion, something called welsh corgi got the weiner/wolf zone covered.

Goddamn Kyley you never cease to amaze…… the gentleman’s choice is SOOOOO obvious.

I can’t wait 2  meet this motherfucking bundle of  joy!

you're gonna be the bast dad

you're gonna be the bast dad

Let’s go on a multi-dog rally! There’s nothing like taking a town by storm with a dog frenzy! Tell me what you got and I’ll give you what you need….

Ain’t no terrier but I’m proud of you guy.


~ by kybrandrew on October 9, 2009.


  1. brandon, your insight never ceases to amaze me. in fact, i might just have to sell kula & bax and head to corgie-ville. wait a second, that is dumb just like corgies. love your style though. you almost had me for a second.

  2. I’m not on board with Corgies. I need a dog with higher ground clearance for off-roading.

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