“Flight of the Navigator” revisited

The other day I was chilling in the sun with a nice tropical sipper in hand and suddenly this random thought rushed into my vodka infused mind—whatever happened to the kid that was in “Flight of the Navigator”? I couldn’t shake this overpowering thought. It has been at least 15 years since I have even thought about that movie, let alone the dorky main character.  Fuck that movie is 23 years old.

However, after a few minutes of reflection and a discrete elongated smirk on my face, the entire plot structure of the movie unfolded right before me. It was a coming-to-age movie about a 12 year old boy in the late 1970’s who is abducted by aliens then returned back to Earth 8 years later (1986) and hasn’t aged a day, however for David Freeman (12yr old boy) it has only been moments from when he was knocked out cold due to falling off a ravine in the deep rain forest of Pensacola, Florida. He returns to his home and finds an alien family. Not aliens from space, but a family he does not recognize, like Marty in “Back to the Future II”. He tells them his name and it turns out that his parents reported him missing back in 1978.

The kid that thinks Jimmy Carter is still President is reunited with his extremely aged parents and his younger brother, who is now his older brother Jeff, who resembles Skippy from Family Ties.  During intensive tests and brain scans doctors stumble across star maps of the entire universe in David’s head. A little far fetched, but it keeps rolling. Paid off by a NASA official a doctor turns David over to NASA and then David is kidnapped and transported to a top secret NASA facility, kind of like Elliot in E.T.. Apparently the military acquired an alien spacecraft stuck in power lines the same day David made his reappearance. So there was a correlation between the two anomalies. The government is so smart.

While imprisoned by the government David begins to hear voices and is drawn to this alien spacecraft that is under tight security in a top secret hangar nearby to where he is being held, kind of like Keanu Reeves is drawn to the ocean in “Point Break”. With the help of a young Sarah Jessica Parker he makes it passed high security and ends up entering the alien craft. He then befriends an alien robot named Trimaxion, which he nicknames “Max”. Maybe like Max Hendrom, that was future back then.  Max declares David as “The Navigator” and they take that chrome walnut shaped spaceship and peel the fuck out of the hangar.

After bouncing all over space, taking crazy bong rips, rocking out to shitty music, exploring the deep ocean, hanging with aliens from across the universe, making out with a robot aliens, playing tricks, beer bonging and parting down in Rio, David realizes that he misses his family and wants to return to them.  However, he is posed with the dilemma of returning to the present world of 1986 where he doesn’t belong and will always be considered a freak versus taking the risk and time travel back to 1978 when he was a 12 year old dork. He decides the latter. And of course he makes it back like Marty in “Back to The Future”. I’m not going to spoil the real ending, but we all know how Disney ends their movies. Fuck it, a dorky adolescent ends up being Maverick from “Top Gun”.

Thus, this leads me back to my initial thought or question—whatever happened to the kid that was in “Flight of the Navigator”?

He works at a sporting good store.

P.S.-Its too bad the sequel, which  Justin Timberlake was going to star,  fell through.


~ by kybrandrew on October 2, 2009.

One Response to ““Flight of the Navigator” revisited”

  1. best movie ever!

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