Fuck War, Feel The Funk!

Nigeria has been notorious for instanbility and dangerous scenes over the past 50+ years.  I had a friend who took a job with French oil company and his choices were Siberia or Nigeria.  Nigeria paid more, but it also required an armed security detail anywhere you went.  Needless to say, he chose to freeze his ass off in the Siberian tundra.  But I’m getting off track…..did you also know Nigeria had a blasting funk scene in the 70s??  It’s true!

Segue to me, Richie, in Jackpot Records yesterday looking for some fresh sounds.  In addition to buying the latest flash in the pan artists that Myspace and Pitchfork spit out (‘cuz I’m a sucker), I am always on the lookout for solid foundation albums.  I’m talking shit that stands the test of time.  In walks Nigeria 70: The Definitive Story Of 1970’s Funky Lagos.  I remember reading about the Nigeria 70: Lagos Jump a year or so back.  Never acted on it though.  When I saw Funky Lagos on the shelf, my memory flashed back, so I snatched it up.  Done and done.  Add this sick DOUBLE album to your rotation!  For the refined gentleman and foxy lady.

Nigeria 70

Nice f'ing boots!!!


~ by richie on August 7, 2009.

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