Deals, Deals, and Steals

Deals are close to our hearts here in Beagleberg.  Brando will remind you multiple times how much he saved on his Original Penguin shirt or how he just scored $2 six-packs of Johnsonville bratwurst at Winco.  Richie is always on the lookout for the cheapest beers in town.  Is it a coincidence that he lives across the street from what could be Portland’s cheapest all-around bar, Spirits?

Where am I going with this?  Well, the days are long in the hot summer, so a man’s dollar needs to last a little longer.  Without further ado, here are Richie’s top five Portland summer deals:

1) FREE weekend rock-out at PDX Pop Now this weekend!!  Three days and nights of great local music.  Go see Red Fang!


2) Sample Sales at Lizard Lounge with FREE microbrews.  I don’t like the majority of the shit on their clothing racks, but free Widmer is free Widmer!!  Plus, it’s in the Pearl district, so there’s bound to be tasty women around with money to buy you a drink.  Believe the hype!!  Just check the Lizard site, they seem to have one at least once a month!

This cougar's got claws....meeeoooow!!

This cougar's got claws....meeeoooow!!

3) Dollar tallboys all day.  Renew your lost love with Vitamin R(ainier), Plabst, and the other water bros, Hammer & Oly.  Bars like Vendetta and The Standard cover four days of the week.  Let us know when the other three days get sourced!

Hello, old friend!

Hello, old friend!

4) The Clackamas rivs.  What summer in Portland is complete without a couple FREE floats from Barton to Carver park with your drunken friends?!  Where a life jacket though.

5) Your cool-guy friends.  I know, that sounds dumb, but think about it.  How cool do you think you really are?  Be thankful for the bros you have.  Who knows, one of them may just pass out on your couch this weekend with his pants down, mid-stroke, and you’ll be the one with the photo evidence.  Can you say blackmail??  That’s more FREE shit!  Run it!!

Nah, man, I haven't seen your wallet...

Nah, man, I haven't seen your wallet...


~ by richie on July 21, 2009.

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