I’ve got a friend on a business trip in Chicago this week.  It got me thinking about my connections to that fine city…Ryan Sandberg, hot dogs, layovers at O’hare, a buddy with a crazy wife, and PERFECT STRANGERS!  (Fuck Urkel and Family Matters)  …So whatever happened to Balki and Cousin Larry?  Boy, the high jinks they would get into week after week.  They had those barbie doll girlfriends and Cubs hats too.  Shit, Balki was no fool.  He knew exactly what he was doing.  Larry was just along for the ride.  Click on the picture!

Do the dance or joy!!

Do the dance of joy!!

Well, I’m off to make some hot scenes in LA this weekend.  Santa Anita, Dodger dogs, Roscoe’s…’ll be HOT!  Bob Seger knows what I’m talking about.  He knew it in 1980.  Look for a full trip report of “Richie making the scene” upon my return.

PS: Brando and Kyley, I miss you.


~ by richie on June 23, 2009.

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