Toe Show, Or Not Toe Show?

First, where the hell are the other beagles on this shit?  I’m becoming a one-man-band here.

Okay, on to more pressing seasonal matters.  With Portland’s fine run of 80+ temps over the last week, I found myself re-examining my flip-flop situation.  Looking placid, but a bit too flaccid, I decided it was time to upgrade and thus bought some Rainbows yesterday.  Or should I say invested?  $45 for flip-flops is high, but I’m tired of the crap that bottoms out after a month.  Rainbow claims their sandals LAST.  We’ll see.  But you ask, “Why the hell do I care about your new f’ing sandals, nimrod?!?”  And you’re right, you shouldn’t, aside from that it brings us to today’s style council question:

Should a gentleman feel okay parading around a fine metropolitan city with their snaggled out toes visible for everyone to enjoy?

I’m almost 90% against it.  Possibly 100% if planned activities include drinking at nice social clubs or attending nice social gatherings.  Let’s face it, we’re not all born with pretty little tootsies.  Around the house, fine.  At the beach, fine.  On a Caribbean cruise, maybe, but then wouldn’t deck shoes be more appropriate?  As a man who is not without flaws, I’m starting the beginnings of my first “old man toenail.”  You know the one.  Where the yellow is starting to creep in from the edge?  Another reason to practice what I preach…I’m keeping that shit under wraps!!

So, in conclusion…


Cool, light, & airy!!

Cool, light, & airy!!


Hairy, sweaty, smelly?  Yeah, no.

Hairy, sweaty, & smelly. Yeah? No.

As for you ladies, you can get a pass here IF you’re sporting a fresh little pedi.  But I know the female persuasion is not immune to the snaggle, so keep it tidy!


~ by kybrandrew on June 2, 2009.

7 Responses to “Toe Show, Or Not Toe Show?”

  1. it’s pedi not peti.

    fuckin’ dudes.

  2. I’m curious as to how you would wear TWO flip-flops? I’ve never even seen you in flip-flops guy. Are you making this up?

  3. Ritchie is writing these blogs not brando, brando is too busy with his other two sites-myspace and facebook.

  4. you talk the talk, lixx, but…..

  5. hold up. i thought this was supposed to be some blog for dudes to get tips on their dick? huh.

  6. I thought your blog was all about dick tips and well, nip tits?

  7. i bye ? i like

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