Regal team dream scene…What does it mean?

I know what you  all are thinking, if the regal beagle scene is all  that then how come you haven’t posted anything in over a month?

Answer… I was doing an experiment and secretly turned my back on technology for thirty days. So what?

In these last thirty days a lot has changed or nothing at all it would seem to the untrained eye… Although I (Brandon) write 90% of the Regal Beagle, Kyley is much a influential force in the Reag Beag way.

From here on out I (Brando) will write in blue.

And kyley will write in red.

Whereas I’m always looking around the corner for future awesomeness and wondering where this night will take us, Kyley is more of a ‘now’ man. Not the type to let an afternoon slip by Kyley C Quinn is NOT a trend forecaster, but more of a genuine trend-setter… The kind of guy who seizes the moment like a motherfucker of the night and truly makes the summer fresh!

Not trying to gay out over Ky, but he’s perpetuating the bestness of now without even realizing it. So lets get a couple things straight….

#1. 2009 is definetly the time to shine.

#2. Me+summer+girls with rad bodies= RAD


~ by kybrandrew on May 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “Regal team dream scene…What does it mean?”

  1. This is what you post after an almost 2 month hiatus? sheesh.

  2. He was doing intense research

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