Fuck weed! Get stoned on the now!

Man, styles change huh! Do you always look at pics of yourself from seasons past and think “Fuck bros! I looked like a total idiot during that headband sleeveless phase! Right?” and ” Why was I dressed like such a gay?”

In this day and age it’s great that you can archive the fuck out of everything with these digital computers. I’m talkin’ photos, videos, blogs, celebrity nip slips, dick pics, etc… It really helps with keeping it real and makes it even harder to escape your past.

Whenever I see pics myself  from about two years ago I often wonder what was really going on! Why is what seemed so awesome at the time  obviously completely lame in hindsight?  This has been happening for almost twenty years now…  How can I break the cycle?

 In the past I have made regrettable mistakes in my choices of music, pants, sports cars, facial hair, girlfriends, gourmet bbq sauce and  even slideshows designed for Myspace.

This is a nice little slide gem from a year and a half ago.

 At the time internet cat entertainment was pretty blown out,  so me getting high and narrarating a  little arf-scene seemed like the right thing to do.

I am so glad I have grown up since then.





Man, don’t I wish I had had a DeLorean to go back in time to make things right bro?
The answer is no.
And I’ll tell you why.
The past may look stupid but at the time it was so right.
Back then it was the present and we took to the night.

~ by kybrandrew on March 26, 2009.

4 Responses to “Fuck weed! Get stoned on the now!”

  1. did you get those dogs permission to use their photos?

  2. for the slideshow, that is.

  3. I was a fan of your slide shows before we even met. It’s true.

  4. I was a fan of your cool haircut and nice attitude before we even met. THAT is true.

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